IRSS offers Tertiary and University students guaranteed job placements for the summer via the J1- Work and Travel program. This program provides International students with an opportunity to travel to the USA under a cultural exchange program, to live and legally work during their summer vacation under a student J1 visa. (Summer break is May 7- September 7 and students can stay up to a maximum of 4 months)

We will ensure all students receive and sign Job contracts which will include specific start and end dates, wages while in the USA, accommodation arrangements unless otherwise stipulated, transportation and uniform details, as well as any other specific requirements from employers.
Ensure the students gain valuable exposure through residing and working in the USA and other countries, learning about the different cultures and sharing their own culture.
 A New Program
May 11, 2012 saw changes in the form of an Interim Final Rule (IFR) announcement for the J1 Work and Travel program from the Department of State.
  • " Experiencing American culture is now the primary goal of every Summer Work/Travel participant. The "work' is still important in so far as it makes the cultural experience and "travel" logistically possible. All students will need to have a conversational level of English before they arrive, regardless of whether they are travelling with better speakers. Additional jobs (second jobs) are still allowed, so long as they do not interfere with learning about American culture. This prioritization of cultural activities is reinforced and monitored on an individual basis through sponsor interaction each month."
  • There are now prohibited jobs for the Work/ Travel program ..... ( check frequently to see listing of prohibited jobs especially for self arranged participants)
  • New regulations require participants to be terminated for the following reasons

                   * Failure to register for Sevis on time
                   * Failure to respond to monitoring outreach on time
                   * Failure to report change of address on time
                   * Changing jobs without approval
           It is evident that the State Department is being explicit in ways they have not been before. Being terminated is very serious and will be a permanent part of participant's record when applying for future visas.
According to some, the U.S. economy is improving slowly. Others evaluate it as effectively stagnant, making some strides forward but as many back. With this said there will be a "cap" on the amount of DS2019 sponsors are allowed to issue.


Be capable and comfortable functioning in an English speaking environment
Be enrolled in a full time Tertiary Institution for the current semester. Final year students are eligible. Proof of student status required for all participants
Be willing to participate in unskilled service sector job
Furnish specific proof of dates for summer vacation and the resumption of the next semester. Positions may only be taken within these dates.
Most importantly to be a good ambassador for JAMAICA!
Students must understand good positions are available not just to Jamaican students, but to students worldwide, hence the positions are on a first come first served basis. Therefore, students who fail to act early in the submission of ALL applications/fees/materials, may not secure their preferred positions or geographic locations.
 Must be a full-time student pursuing at least a 2 year Associate degree , Teaching Diploma or a Bachelor Degree program (No Certificate  or  CAPE courses allowed)
 Must be between 18 ( by May of the year of travel) and 28 years of age
 Students must be able to work on weekends and females must be able to wear shorts or pants as a part of their uniform
STAGE 1- Needed Immediately With Registration Fee
 New students, registration fee of $2500JMD plus GCT * ($2913JMD) plus DS Sponsor & Employer enrollment processing along with courier cover of $1087JMD- fee due upon registration.                          
 Grand total of $4000 due by november 30,2013 then $6000 due from December 1,2013
 N.B.-registration closes on January 15, 2014
 2 passport size pictures         
 A copy of the information section of your valid passport
 A copy of a professional resume
 Completed I.R.S.S application  and Student profile form
 Make deposit of US$150, due 2 weeks after registration.N.B. the 150US is a part of the program fee but non-refundable if participant cancel.
 Copy of school ID- (as soon as it is available)
 School status letter ( needed by December 13, 2013)
 DS2019 sponsor Terms and Conditions (I.R.S.S will advise you on this)                                          
 UWT Step 1-3 (Decemeber 13,2013) to be completed at
STAGE 3 (Optional)
 Copy of social security card (where applicable)
A copy of any previous J1 visas (where applicable)